Sing Meadowlark (2018)

Sing, Meadowlarkintersects fantasy and politics with tender lesbian love stories. Set in the future, this play recounts the stories of both a young lesbian professional and an older lesbian prime minister of the Isle of Cali, and the challenges of returning to an America that is officially openly hostile to lesbian and gay people. The Great Earthquake destroyed California and created a new island called Cali, 25 miles off shore. In 2020, the Q-1 gene that causes homosexuality was discovered. The repressive U.S. government decreed that all U.S. citizens must be tested for the gene. Those who test positive are banished to the Isle of Cali, never to return to America. In 2055, the beautiful 32 year old Minister of Cali’s Department of Aging is sent to New York to share Cali’s very successful elders program at the World Conference on Aging. There she meets the daughter of the U.S. president and confusion ensues. Simultaneously, she and her gay male body guard search for the former lover of Cali’s Prime Minister.  Sing, Meadowlark is adapted from the book Sing, Meadowlark, Sing by Helen Ruth Schwartz.

75 minutes
11 actors

Produced by Discovery Bay Resort, Sequim, WA, July 2017

Produced by The Villages Rainbow Organization, August 2017

Produced by the L-FUND, Palm Springs, CA., February 2018


Dear Anita Bryant

Dear Anita Bryant is a one-act play that dramatically documents LGBT history from the 1950s through the AIDS crisis to the present through one woman’s story. In 1977 singer Anita Bryant kicked off her anti-gay work in an effort to repeal Miami’s new non-discrimination ordinance. Successful, Bryant took that campaign on the road across the country. The next year Florida enacted its anti-gay parenting laws that said homosexual were not fit parents. In 1979, Ronni Sanlo came out as a lesbian and lost custody of her two young children. Years later, she wrote a letter to Anita Bryant. This is a story of pain and challenges and the power of forgiveness.

60 minutes
6 actors

Produced by Palm Springs Cultural Center, February 2019


The Soldier and The Time Traveler (2018)

This play follows 17 year-old Beth, a 2018 teenager, as she time travels back to 1945 and accompanies her 19 year-old great-grandfather, a Jewish US soldier, through the last five months of WWII and the liberation of Dachau con centration camp.

60 minutes
8 actors


The Survivor Series

The Survivor Series is a group of three-to-ten minute plays, mostly comedies, each about a specific issue that arose and was quickly conquered. Some of the issues include AIDS, travel, river rats, and boats.