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Welcome! Thank you for being among those who are making pre-publication orders of The Soldier, the Avatar, and the Holocaust! Your books will ship during the first half of September.

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I’m looking forward to the actual book launch! It’s in Albany, NY, during the weekend of September 9th. My father’s army unit, the 42nd Rainbow Division, is having it’s annual convention and they’ve approved my selling The Soldier, the Avatar, and the Holocaust there. I can’t think of a more appropriate launch pad for this important book.

In my blogs each week, I will post related-WWII history dates and events. Each event will have indicate a website so that you may read more about those items that interest you. To get caught up, I’ll start with August. If you have items to add, please let me know. The entire list of events appears in my book for reference.

Events this month in WWII Holocaust history:

Aug. 1936. Olympics in Berlin.

 Aug. 1936. Nazis establish the Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortions

 Aug. 1, 1938. Adolf Eichmann establishes Office of Jewish Emigration in Vienna 

Aug. 2, 1934. Hitler becomes Furhrer. Armed forces must now swear allegiance to him. 

 Aug. 3, 1938. Italy enacts sweeping anti-Semitic laws 

 Aug. 6, 1945 Bombing of Hiroshima

 Aug. 8, 1938. Mauthausen concentration camp opens in Austria 

 Aug. 8, 1939. Battle of Britain begins

 Aug. 9, 1945. Bombing of Nagasaki 

 Aug. 15, 1945. V-J Day: Victory over Japan proclaimed 

 Aug. 17, 1938. Jews forced to change middle names to “Israel” for males and “Sa- rah” for females

 Aug 20, 1941
. Approximately 4300 Jews deported from Paris to concentration camp. 

Aug. 25, 1944. German forces surrender in Paris 

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