Musings of an Aging Lesbian

Musings of an Aging Lesbian

I turned 73 this week. It’s a weird number, 73. It’s nondescript. It’s not a special number. It falls in-between the X0 years and the X5 years. So nothing special happened for my 73rd birthday except I woke up healthy and happy and grounded and in love. Yes, we’re in the midst of the Covid-19 quarantine and, yes, the world is very different right now, but in my little piece of space, all is well…and I’m deeply grateful.

I started a Facebook writing support group this week. I’ll share the first suggested (but not required) assignment. I asked folks to make a timeline of the most important turning points in their lives. As an example, mine are:

Ronni’s primary turning points:

  • Grandparents arrive in US 1915
  • Parents marry 1943
  • I’m born 1947
  • Attracted to girls 1958
  • Colitis 1958
  • Away to college 1965
  • Married to man 1971
  • Kids’ births 1973-76
  • Come out, divorce 1979
  • Lost custody of kids 1979
  • AIDS job 1987
  • Michigan job 1994
  • UCLA 1997
  • Retired 2010
  • Married 2016

What are yours?

Meditation this week: I am happy to be me.

Stand up, speak out! Thanks for taking this journey with me. Now go write your story!



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