Musings of an Aging Lesbian

Musings of an Aging Lesbian
This week I returned to Kent State University to facilitate a strategic planning session for their LGBTQ+ Center. I was the keynote speaker at Kent’s Lavender Graduation three years ago. During that trip, I returned to the town in which I was born, East Liverpool, Ohio. This time, I stayed in Kent. I love doing this kind of work, strategic planning. I was the draft writer of the professional standards for LGBT Centers many years ago. It’s called the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, or CAS. The CAS Standards. The CAS Standards helped to professionalize this LGBT work on college campuses. Since then, I’ve worked with campuses to strategically plan for this specific and important work. At Kent this week, 25 people attended both days (it always surprises me when folks actually return for the second day!). Together, a plan was devised to help the KSU LGBTQ+ Center move into their future. The students win!
Sometimes I write a strategic plan for my life. Being a list-maker, it’s a fairly easy process for me. I don’t dwell on it but it gives me a snapshot look at my future possibilities while living in the moment. Do you have a strategic plan for your life? Your plan should have a vision, a mission, three overarching goals, and objectives to meet those goals. Have fun!
Today’s affirmation: My efforts help me feel successful.

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