Musings of an Aging Lesbian

Today was the national Women’s March in cities all over the country. Kelly and I marched in Coachella, a sweet little town rather far east of Palm Springs. There were about 300 people, mostly Latinex folks, many of whom live in Coachella. It was small but exciting to see.

Two items struck me. First, I was deeply touched by the Indigenous women who danced for the memory of the many Indigenous women who were murdered or who disappeared. Their moves, their faces, said No More! Such power in their young faces!

Second, while the sensibility of the day was inclusion, the word “lesbian:” never appeared nor was uttered. Yes, many speakers mentioned sexual identity and transgender inclusion which was important, but the L disappeared yet again. The only reference to “lesbian”: was that the LGBT Center of the Desert had a table in the information area of the March. I was grateful for that.

Following the March, Kelly and I went to a meeting of The Women’s Company (TWC) to present the book we wrote of their history. TWC is likely the oldest incorporated lesbian organization in the country, celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. Their history is important but as the word “lesbian” disappears from use, so might TWC. But then, TWC never used the word lesbian in any of its documents, so maybe it’s more ahead of its time than I.

The affirmation this week: All is well.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Now go write your story!

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