Musings of an Aging Lesbian

About 15 years ago at my professional conference, Dr. Elizabeth Griego, Vice President of University of the Pacific, hosted a photo project. The project involved each of us to select a word that we thought represented us individually, then a photographer posed us in what he felt depicted our word in our being. My word was resilience. To me, resilience is about coping, about being able to cope in spite of whatever challenges I may encounter. It’s about emotional strength and recovery from adversity without losing morale or confidence. I’ve certainly nearly exhausted myself in trying to make change in my life over the decades, but for a reason unknown to me, I’ve had the strength to renew my resolve and show up for change. As Madisyn Taylor wrote: Each day offers us an opportunity to renew our resolve to the universe, that we’re ready for change. I don’t believe my resolve, my resilience, was this evident to me over the years, but today I understand that it was resilience, this belief in myself in spite of the intense challenges, that brought me to the love and life and joy of this day.

What is your word?

Last night Kelly and I attended the L-Fund 2020 Gala. What a fun event! And we looked spiffy, she in her beautiful silver Saks suit, me in my polka dot Men’s Wearhouse outfit. We’ve been involved with the L-Fund over the years on a variety of levels. Today Kelly is on the Advisory Board and I serve on LEAP, the L-FUND Education Assistance Fund. Last evening, I met one of the recipients of our LEAP scholarships, a young woman who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to finish her educational endeavors. Her hug told me that this is good and noble work and that her own resilience will get her through this part of her life. Her word is likely resilience as well…

Thought for the week: I can make a real difference in the world, one person at a time.





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