Musings of an Aging Lesbian

This has been a very difficult week politically which is affecting my life emotionally. Trump has been given a green light by congress to do whatever he darned well pleases, removing his guilt for his tremendous international crimes. His immediate response wad to fire those who testified in favor of the American people and against him. And the republican interference in the Iowa caucuses which gives rise to the understanding that our elections are rigged.

As I write my play The Soldier and the Time Traveler and as I read the many posts commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, I fear for the lives of my children, and my grands. Kelly and I have man y options; they don’t. Many of our LGBT friends have left the country or are planning on leaving. We play with the idea. Being Jewish and lesbian is not among the safest of identities in the US lately.

Joan Nestle sums it up best: What is on my 80 year old, fem Jewish feminist once working class mind. The tyrant pumps his fist in victory, the kidnapper of brown children at the border, the murderer of Palestinian hope, the poisoner of the earth on which he walks, the waters in which he swims, the destroyer of democratic balances, the groper, the swindler, the opportunistic friend of Jews, and worst of all, the vote getter, the mirror of who America can be in its worst self. At least during the McCarthy hearings, one man said, in a nation’s voice, Sir, have you no shame, and the man did not, but the nation did. Now, the Senate collapses into Trump lawlessness. I am old but my rage, my sorrow, my histories, my words I give to all who will bring this tyrant down and refuse his supporters the armed-to-the-teeth America for which they goose-march down the streets. Not temperate words.

 Not temperate indeed, but Joan’s words exemplifies how my heart is feeling especially this week..

Perhaps this is a good time to share the words of Missy Sapp: I don’t know if my life will be long. I don’t know if I’ll get to see everything I want to see. Every graduation. Every wedding. Every birth. None of us knows. The challenge is to live like the fog is coming. To hug the people within our reach. To be a legend. Because to a few, we are. And to love our people like they are legends. Because to us, they are.

My meditation words for this week: I am strong.

Stand up, speak out! Thanks for taking this journey with me. Now go write your story!




  1. I just read this and I am glad I did not read it when posted because I would have had the same sense of despair. But after this week s meltdown in the stock market I think we may be seeing the end of the Trump era I remember back in early 92 I was in a hotel room as Bush I started the first Iraq war and all of the pundits and prognosticators declared him unbeatable. But two little things happened : the rise of a young Southerner named Clinton and a blip in the economy and the next thing history was changed. I see the same with Trump here. The Coronavirus and the market will give us Mike or Bernie and our first Jewish president Personally I am for Bernie and his adorable Brooklyn accent but Mike (or Pete or Liz) will be fine as well I see the fog lifting and maybe peace coming back

    1. Hang in there, Des… the stock market is killing Kelly and me but we’ve let it go. We can’t change it so we’re looking for the silver lining with includes buying some stocks while they’re low, and praying they go back up. 🙂

      It will be interesting – in these new times – to see what happens with the election between Biden and Bernie, and IF trump allows the election to actually happen. Strange times indeed… Take good care.

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