Short plays

“Surviving” Series

  • Surviving AIDS – 3 minutes
    A struggle between a mothr and her two young children.
    Three characters
  • Surviving Bears – 5 minutes
    A humorous look at two middle-aged lesbians driving across country in a convertible with their cat Sarah
    Two characters
  • Surviving being Fired – 3 minutes
    A woman is fired from her job because she’s a lesbian…and her straight boss isn’t!
    Three characters
  • Surviving Grandparents – 1 minute
    Aging grandparents briefly – and I mean briefly! – discuss their granddaughter being a lesbian
    Three characters
  • Surviving the Marathon
    A serious look of the last marathon she ran.
    Two characters

“A Lesbian Walks into a…” Series

  • Not yet ready…still writing!


To order a PDF review copy of each series, please contact Ronni at Strait Knot Productions.

or call (310) 508.5963

Cost of the review copy is $25 for the entire series which is applied to the cost of the production materials if you chose to produce the play.

To produce this play in your theater, school, or organization, please contact Ronni or Kelly. Rates, contracts, and scripts in the desired font will be emailed to you.