The Soldier and the Time Traveler

The Soldier and the Time-Traveler: WWII Germany, January-May, 1945

Still in process.

75-minute one-act Readers Theater play


Seventeen year old Beth, a nerdy teen from 2019, time-travels back to 1945 to accompany her 19 year-old great-grandfather through the last five months of WWII Europe and the liberation of Dachau.


In 2019, seventeen year old Beth is a smart, nerdy teen who is infuriated by her history teacher’s denial of the holocaust. Beth has heard the stories from her great-grandfather Sam and she knows it really happened, but now she wants to see for herself. Beth time-travels back to 1945 to accompany 19 year-old Sam through the last five months of WWII Europe and the liberation of Dachau. While there, Beth and German teen time-traveler Ludvig meet two teen-age German girls and discover what happened to most German girls who lived in the villages that were ravaged by war. Beth also discovers why young men, citizen soldiers, go to war.


Beth –  Smart, nerdy 17 year-old time-traveler from 2019

Sam –  19 year-old Jewish American soldier in WWII Europe

Ketch – 20 year-old American soldier from the Pacific Northwest

Callie – Beth’s 17 year-old high school girlfriend

Harvey – 19 year-old Jewish American soldier

Karla –  16 year-old German girl

Maria – 14 hear-old German girl

Ludvig – 18 year-old German \time-traveler from 2019


Present time

On a troop ship to Europe, 1945

On a battle front, 1945

In a war-torn town, 1945

Dachau Concentration Camp, 1945

Present time

A powerpoint presentation for set background accompanies the script.


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