Today in LGBT History – January 12

The president’s words are now beyond are shocking; his ugly slur that left no doubt that racism drives his immigration policy. His racists comments are appalling but not surprising. What IS surprising is the silence of the GOP leaders. If a middle school student said “shithole” in class, he or she would face consequences. Our children are learning bullying, bigotry, lying and hate…with role-modeling by the president of the United States. This will take decades to repair…

Learning our history is resistance! Thanks for taking this journey with me. Now go write your story!

Today in LGBT History – January 12

1564, UK – Queen Elizabeth I reinstates buggery law in England.

1597  – Martyred Flemish Sculptor François Duquesnoy or Frans Duquesnoy (January 12, 1597 – July 12, 1643) is born. He was a Baroque sculptor in Rome. His more idealized representations are often contrasted with the emotional character of Bernini‘s works, while his style shows greater affinity to Algardi‘s sculptures. He was regarded as one of the finest sculptors of the seventeenth century. In 1644, Duquesnoy was commissioned to create statues for the nave of the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels, and the following year he was appointed “architecte, statuaire et sculpteur de la Cour” to Archduke Leopold William, Regent of the Netherlands. it was during the time where he produced some of his most famous works, many of which depicted strong, muscled male figures in the Hellenic tradition. In 1651, he became Court Architect and Sculptor, and in 1654 he went to Ghent to fulfill several commissions when he was accused of indecencies with his assistants. The Privy Council of Ghent convicted Duquesnoy of sodomy and sentenced him to death. He was bound to a stake in the Grain Market in the center of the city, strangled, and his body reduced to ashes. His reputation was destroyed and his memory repressed.

1939 – The Georgia Supreme Court rules that women cannot commit sodomy.

1976, Canada – In Vancouver a British Columbia Board of Inquiry rules in a case called Gay Tide vs Vancouver Sun that British Columbia human rights code provides protection for gays and lesbians. 

1977 – The Advocate reveals that the CIA has been collecting information on some three hundred thousand people who had been arrested in the U.S. for committing homosexual acts.

1981 – Premiering on ABC, Dynasty features gay character Steven Carrington, cat fights, and more shoulder pads than have ever been seen on TV before.

1982 – Gay men in New York City gather at Larry Kramer’s (born June 25, 1935) apartment and agree to form the Gay Men’s Health Crisis in response to the escalating epidemic of fatal illnesses in their community.

2000 – The United Kingdom lifts its ban on lesbians and gay men serving in the armed forces.

Stand up, speak out, share your story!




(Historical information obtained from a variety of sources including QUIST at,, Lavender Effect,, Arron’s Gay Info, All Things Queer, RS Levinson, Amara Das Wilhelm, Safe Schools Coalition, and/or Wikipedia. If you wish to edit an item or add an item, please send an email to me at Thanks!)

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