Today in LGBT History – MARCH 3

Yesterday we performed Dear Anita Bryant to the Rainbow Youth Summit in Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area) with 200+ students from grades 6-12. These young people were attentive, inquisitive, and eager to learn about our shared history. The cast and Kelly and I were deeply impressed with their desire to know. Let’s bring this play to other groups as well. It’s time. Writing prompt: What film rom play or event have you seen that speaks to your history?

Rudyard Kipling said: If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.The snippets of LGBTQ history here are the stories of our lives, the stories of the giants on whose shoulders we all stand. Learn about them then tell the stories…and remember, because knowing your history IS resistance!

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Now go write your story!

Today in LGBT History – MARCH 3

1938 – Don Kilhefner(born March 3, 1938) is born. He founded and co-founded multiple gay organizations, including the Radical Faeries and the LA Community Services Center(now the Los Angeles LGBT Center) and Van Ness Recovery House.He was among the first volunteers in the Peace Corps in 1962. As a response to what he believed was an assimilationist attitude in the mainstream gay rights movement, he co-founded the spiritual/countercultural Radical Faeries movement. This loose network explored queer consciousness, one that Kilhefner believed was fundamentally different than that of heterosexuals. He recently wrote a column for Frontiers, Southern California largest gay newspaper, called Edging Out: Exploring the Frontiers of Gay Consciousness with Don Kilhefner.

1973, Luxembourg– Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (born 3 March 1973)is born today. He and architect Gauthier Destenay entered into a civil partnership in 2010 and married on May 5, 2015 after Luxembourg’s legislators approved same-sex marriage. Bettel became the first openly gay Prime Minister in December 2013, after an election campaign in which his sexuality was not a secret nor an issue. Bettelpreviously served as Mayor of Luxembourg City, member of the Chamber of Deputies and member of the Luxembourg City communal council. Bettel is a member of the Democratic Party. He is the third openly gay head of government following Iceland’s Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir (2009–2013) and Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (2011–2014). Leo Varadkar(born 18 January 1979)joined them as the prime minister of Irelandin 2017.

1993 – The organization Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force is founded. Its purpose is to work toward equal rights for LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants and binational couples, equal immigration, and asylum.  It was first convened in 1993 by Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and The Center International Lesbian and Gay Association, and is advocating the reform of discriminatory immigration laws in the USA.

2010 – Congress approves a law signed in December 2009 that legalizes same-sex marriage in the Washington, DC.

Stand up, speak out, share your story!




(Historical information obtained from a variety of sources including QUIST at,, Lavender Effect,, Arron’s Gay Info, All Things Queer, RS Levinson, Amara Das Wilhelm,, Safe Schools Coalition, and/or Wikipedia. If you wish to edit an item or add an item, please send an email to me at Thanks!)

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