Today in LGBT History – September 9

Last night my play Sing, Meadowlark was performed at the Discovery Bay Resort in Sequim. It was great fun and the readers did an outstanding job! What struck was that it was a totally lesbian event: a play written by a lesbian (moi!) from a book written by a lesbian (Helen Schwartz), with an entirely lesbian cast and an entirely lesbian audience. I loved it!!

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Today in LGBT History – September 9

1980, Canada – Metro Toronto Council, the governing body of greater Toronto area, refuses to pass Metro Bill of Rights which includes sexual orientation, and substitutes a weaker declaration about being an equal opportunity employer.

1985 – In the New York City borough of Queens, parents launch a school boycott after the city allows a second-grader with AIDS to attend classes

1992 – The Lesbian Avengers stage their first public action in the New York City borough of Queens when right-wingers attempt to suppress a multicultural “Children of the Rainbow” curriculum for elementary schoolchildren.. The Lesbian Avengers  was founded in New York City by Ana Maria Simo, Sarah Schulman, Maxine Wolfe, Anne-christine D’Adesky, Marie Honan, and Anne Maguire as “a direct action group focused on issues vital to lesbian survival and visibility.” Dozens of other chapters quickly emerged worldwide, a few expanding their mission to include questions of gender, race, and class.

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(Historical information obtained from a variety of sources including QUIST at,, Lavender Effect,, Arron’s Gay Info, All Things Queer, RS Levinson, Amara Das Wilhelm, Safe Schools Coalition, and/or Wikipedia. If you wish to edit an item or add an item, please send an email to me at Thanks!)

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