Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we welcome Dr. Ronni Sanlo to the podcast.
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"This Show is so Gay"
Listen to Ronni's interview about her LGBT work in Higher Education. "Students are the reason we do this work."
– Ronni Sanlo

Speaker kit

Identity and Leadership:
Informing our Lives, Informing our Practice
by Alicia Chavez and Ronni Sanlo

The Purple Golf Cart: The Misadventures
of an Unconventional Grandma


Special Issue: LGBT Issues in Community Colleges. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, Volume 36, Issue 7, July 2012.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Research, Policy, and Personal Perspectives
(2005 Jossey-Bass)

Our Place On Campus: LGBT Services and Programs in Higher Education (2002 Greenwood Press, With S. Rankin and R. Schonberg)

Unheard Voices: The Effects of Silence on LGBT Educators (1999, Greenwood Press)

Working with LGBT College Students:
A Handbook For Faculty and Administrators (1998, Greenwood Press)


National Association of Student Personnel Administrations.  (NASPA)

Consortium of Higher Education Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Professionals

National Education Association

Palm Springs Writers Guild

Lambda Literary Foundation

Women’s National Book Association

WebSite: GottGraphix


  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Ally Training and Development
  • Student Services, Learning Outcomes, Programs, and Fund raising
  • Fun with Strategic Planning for LGBT Office/Center Development!
  • Keynote and Topical Presentations

With changing laws, policies, and attitudes, colleges and universities are seeking to create welcoming environments with learning outcomes that result in retention and persistence to graduation. Dr. Ronni Sanlo and her experienced team of consultants work with institutions to help develop environments that are safe for students to learn and faculty and staff to teach and to work. Using the most current research and civic developments, Ronni helps colleges and universities create a climate of welcome and understanding.

Opportunities for change include:

  • speaking engagements
  • train-the-trainer ally programs
  • Tell Someone reporting program
  • learning outcomes development
  • training for campus departments about LGBT issues
  • strategic planning for LGBT inclusion in student affairs
  • strategic planning for LGBT programs and services
  • LGBT center/office programs, services, and staff development
  • fund raising planning
  • policy development
  • LGBT external review

“Ronni, when I think of individuals who have inspired so many of us to embrace being “practitioner-scholars”, you are at the top of my list. Thanks for modeling and paving the way for so many of us—me in particular!”

— Dr. Brent Bilodeau, Michigan State University


Author and speaker Dr. Ronni Sanlo retired from UCLA as the Senior Associate Dean of Students, Professor/Director of the UCLA Masters of Education in Student Affairs, and Faculty-in-Residence. Ronni was the director of the UCLA Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Center, the University of Michigan LGBT Center, and an HIV epidemiologist in Florida. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Florida, and a masters and doctorate in education from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. Ronni has presented many workshops and seminars about LGBT issues, and facilitates strategic planning workshops for LGBT inclusion, for companies, campuses, organizations, and student affairs divisions. Ronni lives in Palm Springs, CA, where she continues to write and plays rotten but passionate golf.

Letter to Anita
In the heart-wrenching documentary LETTER TO ANITA, award-winning filmmaker Andrea Meyerson explores the painful legacy of singer Anita Bryant's infamous anti-gay campaign of the late 1970s. Narrated by Emmy-winning actress Meredith Baxter, LETTER TO ANITA tells the story of Ronni Sanlo, a married mother of two who came out as a lesbian and divorced her husband, losing custody of her children as a result—an injustice that propelled Ronni into a life of LGBT activism. Read the reveiw by Provincetown Magazine.

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