Ronni Sanlo Literary

Welcome to this new and different literary application! As you see below, there are four “stores”: 

  • BOOKS: books not only by Ronni but also by other authors as well.
    NOTE TO AUTHORS: If you would like your book, script or film hosted for sale on Ronni Sanlo Literary (and your work meets our guidelines), contact me here for information about my VERY affordable marketing package.
  • COURSES: such as Writing Your Memoir and Memoir for Couples as well as a Personal Strategic Planning course. Each work-at-your-own-speed course is only $35. Live courses are $35.
  • SCRIPTS and FILM: stage scripts written by Ronni, some of which you may have seen, for only $25. The $25 will be applied to the performance agreement/license if you and/or your organization wish to present the play. And you will be among the first to know when we at Strait Knot Productions are producing new plays.
  • SELF-PUBLISHING: Three levels of self-publishing assistance are available to help you get your good book to market.

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Today, in my retirement, I enjoy creating these programs for people who wish to explore and introduce their lives and their work…people like you! I look forward to sharing these courses, books and plays with you. And I certainly look forward to working with you to get your good book out to the public either by advertising it or by helping you self-publish.

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