Have you often said you want to write your memoir, but people, work and events simply take up your time? Do you have a story about an event in your life, or a place, or your family or origin or choice?

You have a voice that’s demanding your attention. This is certainly as good a time as any to let it fly!

Write that story now! You may start with one story of your life then use my formula to write many other stories about the things, places, and people who matter to you. As you bring those stories together, your book will be ready for publication or simply for leaving as your legacy to your family, to your local or university library, or to an archives of your choice.

With this gentle method, you may easily complete that story that has been hugging your heart and tugging at your brain.

In these programs, you are guided through the process of reviewing your entire life, then separating and focusing on those points that changed the course of your life.

All this for ONLY $35 each! Check out these unique opportunities…


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Write Your Memoir with Ronni Live 

One session. Four hours. $35. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021
11 AM Pacific time

Ronni shares her four-step method of writing your memoir. Included is information about essay writing, legal issues, and publishing options..

Testimonials from previous memoir classes:

Thank you so much! I love the detail and the breadth of the class as it outlines the process. And thank you for the inclusiveness of the class and for the confidence you cultivate for all the participants.

WOW! The Outstanding! These four classes have been most informative! Thank you!
—David O.

Thank you, Ronni. This was just what I needed to get me motivated!
—Marie E.

Ronni Sanlo’s Memoir Writing class is an easy way to learn techniques for finally laying down the story you have been dying to tell. Without sharing writing samples or critiquing other students’ work, the class is non-threatening, and students can simply absorb class materials without fear of being judged for their execution of them. Ronni provides friendly encouragement, humor, understanding, and a gentle push for getting started, and is a pleasure to spend time with. Ronni Sanlo’s Memoir Writing class is tailor-made for writers of any level with a story to tell, but who may fear taking a writing class.
—Malcolm Stuhlmiller

This was an inspirational class that gave me effective and fun tools to organize what I wanted to write. It jogged my memory, organized my thoughts and was fun!
Christine Logan

Ronni’s knowledge and writing skills were communicated well and the group setting was managed to not overtake the learning environment. Individual input was welcomed and appreciated.
—Tom Oliver

Ronni, thank you for an excellent class. The process you taught us got me out of my writer’s block. I felt like I could pour out the scattered details then pull them together.
—Evelyn Ransom

Thanks to your inspiration I’m excited to write again. This program helped keep me on task which I need very much to stay focused. I was truly impressed.
—Michele Garner

A+ course, 2 thumbs up! Great price, great info!
—Jasmine Brandolini

I very much appreciated your well-prepared workshop.
—Sarah Colby

Writing Your Own Obituary: You DO have the Last Word! 

One session. One hour, $15. 

Saturday, November 20, 2021
4:00 PM Pacific Time

Your obituary is the closing piece of your life. Why leave it up to someone else to write? Write what you wish, say what you will. I will guide you through the process of creating your own obituary. You DO have the last word!

Write Your Memoir at Your Own Pace 

Ronni shares her four-step method of writing your memoir in a self-guided PDF course. Included is information about essay writing, legal issues, and publishing options. Work at your own speed. Only $35.

Memoir Writing for Couples

Ronni shares her four-step method of writing memoir for both of you together. This course is specifically designed for couples who want to document their lives together. Work at your own speed with this self-guided PDF course. Included is information about essay writing, legal issues, and publishing options. Only $35.

Personal Strategic Planning

Ronni shares her method of creating a personal strategic plan in the self-guided course during this time of uncertainty. Ronni has presented many strategic planning workshops for businesses and for colleges and universities. Now she brings it directly to you personally. Work at your own speed with this self-guided PDF course to develop your personal strategic plan to help keep your life focused and on track in this crazy time. Only $35.

White Women as Allies

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Testimonials from two LIVE presentations, August 2020:

Thank you for opening up hearts and minds to the history and information presented tonight.
—Paige Conner

Excellent. Thank you for such a well thought out presentation.
—Jennifer Abod 

What a great presentation!
—Kate Ullman

Valuable information to share with educators, friends, and other allies. Thank you!
—Gerri Spinella 

That workshop was wonderful. It was obvious how much work you put into it. Lots of important info.

Thank you for having the difficult conversation. Most people would rather slit their wrists than approach the subject of Race. Seriously, when I see these two words “White Ally,” I see you.
—Shirelle Alexander