Have you often said you want to write your memoir, but people, work and events simply take up your time? Do you have a story about an event in your life, or a place, or your family or origin or choice?

You have a voice that’s demanding your attention. This is certainly as good a time as any to let it fly!

Write that story now! You may start with one story of your life then use my formula to write many other stories about the things, places, and people who matter to you. As you bring those stories together, your book will be ready for publication or simply for leaving as your legacy to your family, to your local or university library, or to an archives of your choice.

ZOOM Writing Retreat for All
Dec. 9–11, 2022
Only $50

Give the gift of writing! Women, men, everyone, join me in a three-day writing retreat in December! It's holiday time and YOUR time to write your story. 

During the zoom sessions, we’ll talk about our call to write, what we plan to write over the three days, writers’ block and inner critics, igniting the writing journey with life’s turning points, challenges and adventure, and finally the completion process. The date is December 9-11, 2022. You may register below. Just click the Register Here button. Send an email to me at for scholarship information.

DATES: Dec. 9–11, 2022
  • Friday, Dec. 9 - 8 am PST for an hour, 3 pm PST for an hour
  • Saturday, Dec. 10 - 8 am PST for an hour, 3 pm PST for an hour
  • Sunday, Dec. 11 - 8 am PST for an hour, 3 pm PST for an hour

This is your time to write…in the company of others who want to write their stories. So find a quiet, comfy space, grab your computer or a pen, and let’s do this together.
Note: registration fee is non-refundable. If you've paid and cannot attend, your registration will become a scholarship for someone who can't afford the weekend. Thanks for understanding.

COST: $50 for the entire three days
Reserve your spot NOW!

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Testimonials from two LIVE presentations, August 2020:

Thank you for opening up hearts and minds to the history and information presented tonight.
—Paige Conner

Excellent. Thank you for such a well thought out presentation.
—Jennifer Abod 

What a great presentation!
—Kate Ullman

Valuable information to share with educators, friends, and other allies. Thank you!
—Gerri Spinella 

That workshop was wonderful. It was obvious how much work you put into it. Lots of important info.

Thank you for having the difficult conversation. Most people would rather slit their wrists than approach the subject of Race. Seriously, when I see these two words “White Ally,” I see you.
—Shirelle Alexander