Have you often said you want to write your memoir, but people, work and events simply take up your time? Do you have a story about an event in your life, or a place, or your family or origin or choice?

You have a voice that’s demanding your attention. This is certainly as good a time as any to let it fly!

Write that story now! You may start with one story of your life then use my formula to write many other stories about the things, places, and people who matter to you. As you bring those stories together, your book will be ready for publication or simply for leaving as your legacy to your family, to your local or university library, or to an archives of your choice.

Four-Day Women’s ZOOM Writing Retreat!

ONLY $50

July 14-17, 2022

Over that last several years of teaching the memoir class, many women have asked for a writing retreat. Because of covid and to help with finances, I’ve created an affordable four-day women’s writing retreat on Zoom at the very low rate of $50 for the entire four days!

In this retreat, we will meet twice for the first three days and once on the last day. During the first day, we’ll introduce ourselves to one another and share about what we’re writing so that you’ll know your writing sisters. In addition, I’ll review some of the fundamentals of memoir writing.

You’ll be instructed to set aside everything that takes up your time during your day, and focus solely on yourself, taking this time to write. I will be doing the same along with you.

During the subsequent sessions, we’ll share what we’ve been writing, what are our roadblocks and what feels successful, and respond to needed feedback as requested. Please know that you do not have to share at all. This is your time to spend entirely on your writing without having to interact with anyone if that’s what you prefer.

DATES: March 17-20, 2022
  • Thursday, July 14, 8 am PST for an hour
  • Thursday, July 14, 3 pm PST for an hour
  • Friday, July 15, 8 am PST for an hour, 3 pm PST for an hour
  • Saturday, July 16, 8 am PST for an hour, 3 pm PST for an hour
  • Sunday, July 17, 10 am for an hour.

COST: $50 for the entire four days
Reserve your spot NOW!

This is your time to write…in the company of other women who will support and care for one another. So find a quiet, comfy space, grab your computer or a pen, and let’s do this together.

While this retreat is very low cost, someone may need a partial scholarship to participate. If that’s your situation, please send a private email to me at and request partial assistance. It will be privately arranged between us. Please don’t let finances stop you from writing that story that’s screaming to come out.

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Testimonials from two LIVE presentations, August 2020:

Thank you for opening up hearts and minds to the history and information presented tonight.
—Paige Conner

Excellent. Thank you for such a well thought out presentation.
—Jennifer Abod 

What a great presentation!
—Kate Ullman

Valuable information to share with educators, friends, and other allies. Thank you!
—Gerri Spinella 

That workshop was wonderful. It was obvious how much work you put into it. Lots of important info.

Thank you for having the difficult conversation. Most people would rather slit their wrists than approach the subject of Race. Seriously, when I see these two words “White Ally,” I see you.
—Shirelle Alexander