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LGBTQ+ people have a long rich history. It offers hidden stories that we never learned in school, and it acknowledges that the LGBTQ+ community is far more diverse than we ever imagined! Our sheros, heroes and they-roes call us to remember. Dr. Ronni Sanlo and Dr. Kelly Watson share the history with guests who’ve made that history happen. Join us each Monday where LGBTQ+ History is ALIVE! Courses and books may be banned in other places but not here. Our history will NOT be hidden, not with us two old lesbians on guard!

Meet the two old lesbians – us!
Ronni Sanlo , Ed.D., is a retired UCLA professor and LGBTQ Center director, founder of the award-winning Lavender Graduation, and editor of the four volume This Day in LGBTQ History. Kelly Watson, Ph.D, DDS, is a retired recovery center director and business professional, and still and always involved with 12 step recovery.

Our honored guests: January 1–February 19 schedule now available.

Premiering January 1, 2024!

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