LGBTQ History

About This Work

LGBTQ+ people have a long rich history. We didn’t jump out of a bar last Thursday night! Many came before us, paving the way for our freedom though they likely weren’t aware of that. Our history informs us about who we are, from where we came, and perhaps to where we’re going. This compilation is just that, daily information about people, places, and events that brought us to this day. It offers hidden stories that we never learned in school. And it acknowledges that the LGBTQ community is far more diverse than we ever imagined!

Lately, people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has echoed authoritarians like Hungary’s Victor Orbán and Russia’s Vladimir Putin in promising to take away LGBTQ Americans’ rights. In addition, DeSantis has promised to defund all diversity, equity and inclusion programs at public colleges and universities in Florida in an attempt to take over schools and reject the equality that lies at the foundation of liberal democracy. In fact, a Republican state senator proposed a bill that would require bloggers who write about DeSantis, his Cabinet officers, or members of the Florida legislature, to register with the state. As Heather Cox Richardson stated (March 3, 2023), “DeSantis and those like him are trying to falsify our history.”

The mission of this work for Strait Knot Productions is to keep LGBTQ+ history alive. We will not let DeSantis and others like him to push us back into the closet and to hide the passionate history from which we rise. We will NOT lose our stories! Our youth deserve better, and our own stories deserve to be told.

Our heroes and sheroes and they-roes call to us to remember. With courage and love, we invite you to join us.