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Dr. Kelly Watson
Kelly is the co-founder of Strait Knot Productions, a 501c3 organization that supports art, education, recovery and health. Together, Kelly and Ronni have supported a number of documentary film and stage productions as well as hosted an informational Facebook page on how to contact legislators. Kelly maintains this sites organizational structure and financial administration. Kelly may be contacted at


Dr. Ronni Sanlo
Ronni is a retired UCLA professor and LGBT professional. She has been posting This Day in LGBT History on Facebook for over ten years. Today, she’s furious over the changes being made to education, specifically in Florida, her home state, that is eliminating LGBTQ people and issues from being taught in schools. Her purpose in posting these stories and publishing her four-volume This Day in LGBTQ History has been to share who we are, how long we’ve been around, and on whose shoulders we stand. Ronni may be contacted at